After Nostra has deployed a FDW to the your home, our service continues to ensure that the FDW settles in with the family and she is able to cope with the job. To support the FDW and the Employer, we provide the following:

  • Post Deployment Follow Up Service for 6 months - Nostra is committed to ensure that your new FDW settles quickly into her new job and home environment.
  • Counselling - Our counsellors will follow through with you to resolve any problems that may arise in the home.

Enhanced Consultation for Eldercare - Training , Grants and Eldercare Services

  • FDW Levy Concession for persons with disabilities - Lower monthly levy of $120
  • Caregiver Training Grant of S$200 per financial year.
  • The Foreign Domestic Worker Grant - Monthly grant of S$120
  • Non-residential Elder Care Services - Rehabilitation Centre, Day-care or Home Care Services