Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP)
A first time employer must attend the Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP) which is a three-hour programme that provides employers with a basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities when hiring an FDW.

Who is required to attend?
A first-time employer of an FDW, unless he/she has been exempted, before he/she submits the Work Permit application.

You can register foe EOP here.

Nostra provides a suite of EA services to Employers. These include bringing in a new FDW or providing a service to employer with a FDW currently employed. Please click on the links to view the services.

Work Permit Services - When you engage Nostra to employ a new FDW, we provide a complete set of Recruitment, Grant Application and Support Services.

Customer Services - After Nostra has deployed a FDW to the Employer's home, our service continues for another 6 months to ensure that the FDW settles in with the family and she is able to cope with the job.

Information on FDW Employment - Nostra provides a set of services after the FDW has been deployed to work with you e.g. 6-monthly medical, Passport renewal, Home Leave, Embassy Documentation etc. We also provide the same services to employers who employ a FDW through us.

Caregiving Courses for FDW in Singapore - We facilitate caregiving courses for FDWs to be better equipped to manage their responsibilities and to meet their Employer's requirements.

Information on FDW Employment - Everything an Employer needs to know when employing a FDW (Maid or Care Aide).

If it is your first time employing a FDW, MOM has provided a guide to help you.
More information from MOM is available on this link