The following are MOM main approved source countries for FDWs:

  • 1. Indonesia
  • 2. Philippines
  • 3. Sri Lanka
  • 4. Cambodia
  • 5. Myanmar
  • 6. India

Source countries have their policies and regulations governing their nationals going overseas for employment and the obligations for their Employers. Failure to comply often means human trafficking as defined by source country and may result in forfeit of Employer's bond with the local embassies. Sometimes it may also result in FDWs who might be stopped at the airport when departing. This might cause undue delay in their employment.

Nostra complies with source countries policies and regulations. Our FDWs are equipped with proper skills and the right mindset for her employment, hence they will work and serve you and your family well because of our fair recruitment practices. We have highlighted the important for Employers for Indonesia and Philippines.